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TESTimonials: Programming for the Joy of Creativity

Software Developer

While Averna is dedicated to help global customers produce market-leading high-tech products, this could not be achieved without their talented team of employees. Averna understands that each group and department are linked, and every individual is required to make the company a success. In this series, Averna will chat with one of these individuals and understand their point of view on their contribution.

Since 2013, Domenic Foerderer has worked as a software developer at Averna (formerly ProNES Automation GmbH) in Landau in der Pfalz, Germany, starting his career as a student. The experience and knowledge he has gained over the last 11 years has made him a team player who contributes to Averna's success. His varied software expertise lies in LabVIEW, TestStand, Vector Canoe and image processing, among other things. His commitment and enjoyment of his work also blends into his private life with an interest in 3D printing, self-designed LED lamps and CAD design.

Q: Where were you before Averna and how did you get here?

A: At the end of my studies, I wrote my Master thesis at ProNES Automation GmbH (now Averna GmbH). I liked the work here so much that I stayed right away.

Q: What attracted you to software development?

 A: I had my first experience with LabVIEW during my studies in electrical engineering and information technology. After that, I was hooked. The graphical programming language suits me much better than text-based programming languages. You can really see the source code at a glance. I look at the code and immediately understand what is going on.

Programming itself has been my favorite part of my studies. This is why, I focused on it. Programming in combination with running systems is particularly fun, because you can immediately see how the software controls the system and that your intervention makes a difference. That’s always the best thing about programming.  

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your current role?

A: I love tackling new challenges and tasks with every project I program. I get to know the product that has to be tested down to the last  detail and can familiarize myself with the technology. Automotive batteries are a good example for this. I had very little knowledge about batteries and how they are charged/discharged, but now after so many projects, I know my way around really well. In any other job you do not learn about such a variety of projects and different tasks. It never gets boring, and my work is very multifaceted.

Q: Is test engineering a more challenging field for an engineer with the range of technologies that must be mastered?

A: Definitely. The variety of different products in different areas makes testing technology very
demanding and challenging.

I never thought that I would ever have to use so much of what I learned during my studies. At
that time I always thought: “When will I ever need this again?

For my current job you need knowledge from so many different areas like, mathematics, control
engineering, signal technology, automation, physics / chemistry, mechanics, electronics and mechanical

Q: Have you had any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life?

A: My colleague Holger Minges, who has supported me for over 10 years and taught me everything I know
about LabVIEW. He has taught me how to program cleanly and properly. Even after this time he still
shows me new things. I am very grateful for that!

Q: Do you feel you achieve a good work/life balance?

A: There are quiet phases when you are preparing and programming the project in the office. However,
there are also stressful phases when the project is put into operation. Then there is always time
pressure or you spend a lot of time on site with the customer. Apart from when too many projects have
to be processed at the same time, I think this balances out well.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: I am proud of what I have achieved professionally to date and that I have not lost the enjoyment of my
work. I am pleased that I can now also share my knowledge and experience with my (new) colleagues.

Q: What have you learned from Averna that will be a takeaway for the rest of your life?

A: Over the years, I have learned not to lose my focus on the programming goal, even during busy periods.
That way I can approach everything a little more relaxed and calmly.